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    Ordzhonikidze str., 119 Saratov, 410076, Russia +7(8452)740-500
    • Ordzhonikidze str., 119 Saratov, 410076, Russia +7(8452)740-500

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About us

"Gazovik" Group of Companies operates in several markets connected with hydrocarbon shipment and storage. The parent company was founded in 1991. Today, we are a multisectoral corporation with a diversified business portfolio.

Thousands of clients, Russian and foreign, permanent as well as one-time customers, trust us with important orders. We are proud of our reputation; each of our employees are responsible for its upkeep.

The main activity area of "Gazovik" Group of Companies consists of supplying industrial and technological equipment, and engineering services. We provide our customers with highly qualified assistance in choosing design solutions and equipment. We also organize turnkey construction and assembly work when necessary.



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