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Research and Development

Training center

Sucessful work with personnel has always been a base for sucessful long-term business development. Our centralized human resources department provides selection, adaptation and training of company group personnel. Constant training and professional development are our priority.

The Training Center was created to prepare specialists who meet the high standards of requirements of "Gazovik" Group of Companies. All employees start their career in the company by taking a two-month approved training course. After the training they have to pass exams.

Training center programs contain the study of current statutes and regulations, theoretic and practical classes. The members of the permanent exam committee are the heads of "Gazovik" Group of Companies departments.

Professional development courses are held regularly. Representatives of manufacturing plants from different regions of Russia and foreign countries come to givе lectures and presentations.



R&D center for Industrial gas equipment

Since 2002, we have puplished the most competent Reference Book in the industry - «Industrial Gas Equipment». For these years, the guide passed 6 editions. Students in 48 high schools of the country use it as a course book in their study.

The total circulation exceeded 18 thousand copies. The 6th edition was released in spring of 2013, its circulation is 3800 copies.



Research Center for the Tank,
Reservoir and Technological Equipment

The scope of the activities - non-standard and complex projects. A permanent expert Council helps to cover all possible opportunities in case of any technical solutions.