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    • Ordzhonikidze str., 117 Saratov, 410076, Russia +7(8452)740-870

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Reservoir metal frames. Tank farms equipment

The main activity of "Gazovik-Oil" company is equipment delivery for tank farms. The first complete shipment of tank farms with a total volume of 22,000 m3 for storing oil at "Tedinskoye" and "Ardalin" deposits took place in the begining of 2001. It was ordered by "Bovel" Ltd, Naryan-Mar.

During the last fifteen years we have supplied over one million m3 total volume of tanks. Our metal frameworks have been assembled on over 150 grounds. We supplied and installed thousands of items including respiratory, subsidiary and technological equipment.

Over this period we have gained significant experience that allows us to offer well-founded and balanced solutions, which best fulfill our clients’ needs.